Nothing is too good for your baby. You will pay any price to protect it, to nurture it, to see that it is well cared for. Hold on, though — do you really need to spend a lot on your baby (your roof)? Not with Roof Maxx, you don’t!

Roof Maintenance Products

Many roof maintenance products are available for the Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY).

Here’s our first quick tip: DIY products are a waste of money.

To really do much good, products need to have ingredients and application processes which require training and equipment most homeowners lack. 

Roof Maxx is a professional-grade product put down by trained professionals. Unlike DIY products like water sealers and tube caulks, Roof Maxx is sprayed on like commercial roofing products. It is the Real Deal, and it will add years of life to your shingle roof

Roof Maintenance

Here’s our next quick tip: no secret exists to extending the life of your roof.

Plain old roof maintenance, regular inspection, and routine repair are the same three ways commercial roofs last 30+ years. Homeowners should never try to climb on or walk around on their homes’ roofs. Roofs are dangerous and slippery, so leave any inspection and maintenance to your local, reliable roofer. 

A good roofer can perform an annual roof inspection, look out for signs of shingle aging and wear, and lay down a protective coating of Roof Maxx in a matter of one or two hours. 

Big Savings

Compare the cost of ignoring a shingle roof, or paying for full roof replacement. Roof Maxx is a bargain

Combine regular maintenance, minor repair, and Roof Maxx and you have a one-two punch that knocks out expensive roof replacement. 

Here’s our third quick tip: Three applications of Roof Maxx (spanning 15 years) together cost about a third of the cost of full roof replacement. 


No product is perfect, and we want you to know Roof Maxx is not right for every roof. It only works on shingle roofs, replenishing the vital oils and chemicals which keep the asphalt just soft enough to hold granules.

Roof Maxx is not a Fountain of Youth, but it is a practical way to add up to 10-15 years of life to your home’s shingle roof. 

Work with Victors Roofing, an authorized Roof Maxx contractor, to preserve your Canton-area home’s shingle roof. Contact us today to see beautiful, amazing results tomorrow!