Technology is the transfer of pure science into our lives. Pure science can tell you a shingle roof loses volatile chemicals from the day it is installed. Technology can provide a legit way for you to replace those volatile chemicals and extend the life of your shingle roof. Finding the right technology is the challenge. Roof Maxx is the answer.

Science, Not Scams

Roof Maxx uses soy methyl ester. That sounds sciency, but is it just a scam? Soy methyl ester is a chemical compound derived from carboxylic acid (an acid containing a hydrocarbon), which is used in a wide array of food-grade applications:

  • Lubricants
  • Gentle solvents
  • Surfactants
  • Fuels
  • Adhesives

Soy methyl ester is so versatile; you can find it used in printing, farming, chemical formulation, and, of course, roofing.

Soy methyl esters have been around for more than 20 years. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-flammable. The science and technology behind soy methyl esters is legit and proven.

What Roof Maxx Does

If you look at cosmetic ads, you will never see claims of absolute proof. Everything “looks better,” or “feels good,” This is because, for the most part, cosmetics is about fooling ourselves into thinking we can stop aging or change our bodies’ chemistry. We really cannot; cosmetics are not legit cures for anything.

Roof Maxx is not cosmetic. Its chemical formulation soaks into the shingle roof’s asphalt, replacing the lost oils and chemicals the shingles once held.

The soy methyl ester soaks into the fibers and asphalt, replenishing those volatile chemicals. Your roof’s adhesive properties, water resistance, and performance are all improved. Granules stay put. Shingles remain flexible and pliant.

First Things First

Roof Maxx goes on as a spray application in about an hour or so, depending on roof size and steepness.

It is not a miracle cure. It will not replace a missing shingle or fill in cracks in crazed and blistered shingles. Before Roof Maxx can work to rejuvenate an old shingle roof, essential repairs to the surface are needed.

Two great steps you can take before Roof Maxx is sprayed on:

  1. Arrange for annual inspection and maintenance of your shingle roof by your local, helpful roofer
  2. Have all minor roof issues repaired

Victors Roofing is your trusted, local ally in protecting your Canton-area roof with Roof Maxx. This product, like Victors Roofing, is legit — contact us to let us prove it!