Algae on rooftops is a fact of life in certain humid climates. It grows organically as a thin film, but can be removed easily with water. Moss is a bit thicker but can be removed with the right substances. Here are proactive ways to prevent the growth of algae, moss and mold and determine whether or not you need shingle roof replacement.

Problems with Algae Buildup

  • discolors shingles
  • leaves dark streaks on shingles, giving a dirty look
  • potentially lowers property value

If you are trying to maintain or increase property value, you need to pay attention to the components of curb appeal. The roof is one of the biggest factors in shaping perceptions of the home’s image. When shingles don’t look clean, buyers are less impressed because it adds to their column of expenses, even if there is nothing structurally wrong with the roofing system. It might instantly paint the picture of a costly shingle roof replacement in their minds.

Atlas Solution to Algae

Before you jump to the conclusion you need a shingle roof replacement, find out first from a professional roofer what needs to be repaired to raise the value. If all you need is algae removal, you can save an enormous amount of money. In the event you decide on a shingle roof replacement, keep in mind that Atlas offers shingles in fifteen colors.

Atlas includes 3M’s Scotchgard Protector in its shingle manufacturing. This solution is comprised of copper-based granules that help prevent algae growth leading to black streaks. A major advantage to using Atlas shingles is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime limited warranty to remove algae-driven black streaks. Another advantage is that the strong shingles can withstand winds up to 130 miles per hour.

Why Routine Inspections Matter

By scheduling professional inspections a few times every year you can keep algae growth under control, which can postpone your shingle roof replacement for years. If maintaining or growing your property’s value is important, inspections will ensure that your roof maintains an attractive appearance.

Places with high algae buildup rates include the west coast, most of the Midwest, south and east coast regions. Areas with minimal algae growth are in between the Sierra and Rocky Mountain ranges, along with northern states such as Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska and the Dakotas.


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