3 Steps now to prevent your roof from disaster

What qualifies as a “disaster?” Is a dropped raw egg in the kitchen a disaster? Is infiltrating water a rooftop disaster? What about a hailstorm that pelts your roof? Most Canton-area homeowners know they cannot panic over every cracked egg, but what steps can you take to protect your home’s roof from disaster?

Easy Roofing Disasters to Avoid

Perhaps the easiest disaster to avoid is water infiltration. Your roof can provide an avenue for water to enter through several paths:

  • Clogged gutters
  • Ice dams in winter
  • Wind uplift that allows driving rain under shingles
  • Loose or missing flashing

Routine maintenance by your local roofing contractor and you can minimize the risk of water infiltration. Clean gutters, secure shingles and flashing, and regular inspection can prevent water from causing a homemade disaster.

Roofing Disasters that are Harder to Avoid

A harder preventive measure is to counteract blunt force impacts to your roof. These generally come from three sources:

  • Wind-borne debris during major storms
  • Overhanging trees and branches that can hit or scrape your roof
  • Hail

Cut back branches that overhang your Canton-area home’s roof. You may need the help of a tree company for this, but their work will address the first and second causes, since the most common wind-borne debris is dead branches torn from surrounding trees.

After a major hail storm, contact your local roofing contractor to get your roof inspected. Though you cannot prevent a hailstorm, you can remedy its destruction quickly. Hail can do a wide range of damage to shingles and tiles, from simple dimples to actual holes torn through the roofing material.

The Hardest Roofing Disasters to Avoid

The hardest issues to address are true disasters — a wildfire, an ice storm, tornadoes — that all call for prompt action. Prevention largely means keeping your home in tip-top shape, since we cannot prevent many of Mother Nature’s worst weather tantrums.

To protect your Canton-area home against fire and tornadoes, keep branches trimmed back from your roof, remove leaf litter from around your foundation, and make certain of your roof’s integrity. An annual inspection by a dependable roofing contractor can ensure no missing shingles, loose flashing or absent seals around roof piercings.

To prevent ice dams, insist on water and ice shield, not felt paper underlayment, underneath your shingles.

Key to preventing a roof disaster is choosing the right roofing contractor. Please contact Victors Roofing to learn how we can help prevent issues both large and small from ruining your Canton home’s roof.

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