Everybody has advice on picking a contractor for your home’s most valuable feature, the roof. Why is the roof the most valuable part of your home? Every other part of your home is beneath it! A weak or leaky roof leads to ruined furnishings, unhealthy family members and pets, and expensive repairs. So what are the three most important considerations when picking a roofer? Place, paperwork, and product. Here’s why. 


The place your roofer chooses for a business hub is important. We all know our neighbors benefit when we shop locally, and we benefit, too. The same is true for roofers — go with a local, reliable, community-centered roofer and you will have somewhere to go if the job encounters challenges. 

Pick a storm chaser, a branch of a national company, or Chuck in a truck (a handyman with no physical address), and where will you go if something goes wrong? 


Good local contractors abide by the rules. They are licensed, they carry insurance, they protect their workers. Think of the attention to detail and the work ethic this shows. You want a roofer who sweats the details, right?

Ask any potential roofer for proof of:

  1. State license
  2. Workers compensation protection
  3. Liability insurance

When arranging for work (whether small repair or whole re-roof), get everything in writing. That paperwork will be valuable in spelling out exactly what the scope of work involves. 

The last piece of paperwork to prize is the warranty. Make certain you are dealing with a company able to provide manufacturers’ warranties, and inquire about installation warranties, too. 


The final piece of the puzzle is the roofer’s product. Ask to see photographs and read customer testimonials. Ask for addresses of nearby, recent work so you can drive by and check out the roofs yourself. 

Do lines run crisp and straight? Is exposed flashing gleaming and uniform?  Ask about the latest job, one the roofer may still be working on, and swing by to check it out, too, safely, from the street. 

Are the bushes and landscaping protected? Is the crew working in harmony? Do they seem proud of the roofing work they are performing? 

To give yourself the kind of peace of mind you want in roofing work, turn to the local, dependable professionals of Victors Roofing. Contact us today to learn how we show pride of place, proper paperwork, and perfect product every day!