Some situations are always awkward. Do you tip movers? Can you still wear white after Labor Day? When do you pay your roofing contractor? 

Dumb Questions

Every industry has its specialized vocabulary and operating methods. You as a Canton-area homeowner are not expected to know OSB from MDF or what the steps are for paying a roofer. 

This leaves you with questions, but you also don’t want to ask those roofing questions because:

  • You worry about being overcharged 
  • You kinda sorta wanna impress your spouse

Kids hesitate to ask; adults hesitate to ask. Sure, your teachers always said, “There’s no such thing as a dumb question,” but we understand your hesitancy. 

We are happy to clear up any confusion; when you call, you do not need to say you learned these details here. You want to play it cool? We can play it cool. 

How Roofing Contractors Get Paid

Most roofers work off the one-third rule: one-third of the job is paid for before work begins, but never in cash (so you have receipts). This gives the roofer working capital for buying the materials needed to upgrade or repair your roof

One-third of the job is paid when the first nail gun shoots. Then, the final third is paid when the job is completed, meaning after inspection, total cleanup of the job site, and your total satisfaction. 

Reputable roofers, even after being fully paid, honor one callback, when you reach out because of a minor issue such as a shingle not being cleanly cut at the drip edge. These concerns are resolved in a single visit, so long as you call soon after the last truck rolls away. 

Selecting Your Roofer

Now that you know not to pay for an entire roof project up front and never in cash, use your knowledge to select the best roofer for your home. Look for:

Some roofers offer financing through local lenders; you may have your own lending source. Know how much you can afford to borrow before you arrange a roof project. 

Oh, and yes, tip your movers, and it’s okay to wear white after Labor Day. Happy to help.

At Victors Roofing we respect your valuable time and money. Please contact us today to discuss your Canton-area home’s roofing needs and to arrange a convenient appointment.