You can pick any two events from this list: rotten wood, cracked foundations, mold and mildew,  ruined attic insulation. Which two do you pick? If you think that is ridiculous, then you are opting to replace your gutters now, not later. Why? All those events can damage your Canton-area home if you wait to replace your gutters. 

Now, or Later?

Many homeowners neglect their gutters until they consider a roof replacement. Rolling roof and gutters into a single project is a fine idea, but gutters usually cannot wait. Replacing worn-out, dented, leaking, clogged or broken gutters now will restore value and comfort to your home. 

Damage Done

Gutters are part of your roof system. Their job is to usher water off the roof, away from your home. This preserves all these parts of your house and property:

  • Roof
  • Fascia (the decorative, wide wood molding behind the gutter)
  • Siding
  • Foundations
  • Landscaping

Without effective, smoothly running gutters, water can back up, leak over the back of the gutter, and rot the fascia molding. As the metals in gutters (brackets, screws, nails) expand and contract in the rotting fascia, your gutters can pull away. This damages your roof and now allows water into the wall cavities between siding and interior drywall. 

Failing gutters allow water to collect near your foundations, weakening them and leading to cracks. Ponding water harms landscaping and sets up insect breeding grounds. 

Getting Better?

Just as some homeowners deliberately postpone needed roof repairs because of financial constraints, so too do they ignore failing gutters. Hoping your Canton-area home’s gutters are getting better all on their own is unrealistic. It adds to your problems, it does not solve them. 

For your home’s gutters to really get better, you need to have professionals, trained in gutter inspection and replacement, examine your home. You should not risk climbing on roofs or up ladders to tackle the repairs yourself — a slip and fall will only make matters worse. 

Check it Out

A gutter replacement professional can assess water damage, the degree of water infiltration, and the extent of bent, corroded or detached guttering. When a gutter technician checks out your home, you can know right away whether to repair or replace those failing gutters.

Victors Roofing is your local, trusted authority on replacement gutters. Contact us today and we can be on the scene soon to check out and replace your home’s gutters!