Victors Roofing has been serving Canton, Michigan since the company started 6 years ago, but now we’ve expanded to include a new field office and facility there to serve the community and surrounding area even better. This change improves our capacity to stock roofing materials and retain our fast turnaround times even with increased work volume.

This growth for Victors Roofing has three major contributing factors:

  1. Our commitment to providing the best service, communicating clearly and keeping our word, and providing a customer satisfaction experience that makes every homeowner glad they chose Victors Roofing.
  2. Our team of roofers. You know as well as we do that too many companies only give lip service to the value they place on their employees. We could not do the job we do without a valuable team. Our turnover is extremely low because we’re not just co-workers, we’re friends, and each person on this team is vitally important and valued.
  3. Our customers. This is another reality that gets only lip service all too often, but with Victors Roofing, we back customer satisfaction at every level. Our customers are the most valuable component in making us successful. The trust you place in us to do your roofing will be rewarded because every customer we’ve ever served has helped make our company growth possible.

We take this opportunity to not just proudly announce the exciting news of an additional office and facility, but to thank our roofing team and customers. If you’re not one of those customers yet and in need of a new roof, we thank you in advance for the opportunity to discuss your project and find out how serious we are about being your best choice.

Our new Canton field office and facility is located at:

Victors Roofing, Gutters, & Insulation
4902 DeWitt Road • Suite 101
Canton, Michigan 48188