Trees, we’ve been told, communicate with each other (according to National Public Radio). This makes us wonder, what other voiceless things are talking behind our backs? What are our lawns saying about us? And what is your roof telling you? As a responsible homeowner, how can you know when to replace your roof?

Not-So-Secret Signals

Don’t get us wrong; we don’t think your roof is sending out coded messages. But a Michigan home’s roof sends out some small signals long before it fails completely. Knowing how to read these not-so-secret signals takes years of experience. Most homeowners do not have the experience, but your local, dependable residential roofer does. 

What does a roofer look for when visiting your home to discuss your roofing options? What could you, as the homeowner, spy with your little eye? What signal is your roof sending out to say it must be replaced? Remember, no residential roof is safe for homeowners to walk on. Please start with these signs, easily seen from the safety of the ground:

  • Curled, cupped, cracked, crazed, or missing shingles.
  • “Bald” areas where shingle granules have washed away.
  • Loose or missing flashing (the thin metal, plastic, or rubber around chimneys and projections and in valleys! 

If you feel safe doing so, you can climb an extension ladder to your gutters (no higher!) and check if any shingle granules have washed into them. There’s another sign your roof is failing. 

Inside Job

Another place to look for signs of roof failure is inside your living space. Do you see brown stains, evidence of mold, or odors of mildew in your home? You may already have roof leaks. Shingle roofs are not meant to leak. While no roof is waterproof, shingle roofs are water resistant, so water should never enter the attic. You cannot accept even the smallest leak as “just routine.”

Where’s My Wallet?

Another sure sign your roof is ready for replacement can be seen in your bank account. If you are draining your account with frequent roof repairs, you may be tossing away money on your roof and getting little in return. 

All roofs age and eventually require replacement. Shingle roofs typically last around 20 years, though some after-market products, such as RoofMaxx, can extend the life and beauty of a shingle roof.

If your roof is 15 years old or older, complete roof replacement may be more economical than constant repair work, or even partial replacement. An honest chat with your neighborhood residential roofer can help you understand and sort through your options. 

Outta Here

If you already know your roof is on its last legs and you have plans to move, you have two options:

  1. Lower your asking price and acknowledge the house needs a new roof.
  2. Have a beautiful new shingle roof installed and increase your home’s value, curb appeal, and asking price.

Even if selected from a modestly priced three-tab shingle line, a new shingle roof will do a lot of selling for you. The new roof signals you have taken care of your property, you are proud of it, and the interior will look as good as the exterior. 

Staying Put

If you have no intentions of moving, you need to look at your roof from another perspective. Letting a deteriorating roof linger risks a lot:

  • Leaks could ruin interior furnishings, walls, ceilings, and valuable possessions.
  • Ice dams in winter accelerate your roof’s aging.
  • Roof leaks lead to mold and mildew, endangering your family’s health.
  • Minor defects and deterioration, such as ruined drip edge or corroded flashing, weaken the roof.
  • Leaks from the roof into the attic could go undetected for months, imperiling the structural integrity of your Michigan home.

Staying in your home means investing in it, and a new roof is an excellent investment. Shingles, like just about everything, come in different price lines:

  1. Three-tab, low-profile shingles
  2. Architectural or deep-cut shingles
  3. Designer shingles

If you love your southeast Michigan home and want to continue proudly living in it, investing in the highest-quality shingle your budget will allow is a wise move. You get significant protections from extended warranties with the higher-level products, plus better performance.

Of all the major residential roofing materials, shingles are far and away the least expensive to install. With proper annual maintenance and spray-on treatments like RoofMaxx, your “20-year” roof can easily last 30 or more years. With high-quality shingles, your roof and you stand protected by a strong manufacturer’s warranty throughout its life.

Please connect with us today at Victors Roofing in southeastern Michigan. We can help you decipher the signals your roof is sending you, help you choose the correct replacement roof, and install it flawlessly the first time.