One of your most pressing questions is determining the need for a roofing replacement. Mildew damage is very common in Michigan. If your home has trees near the roof, you get to enjoy a cooler home in the summer and save on cooling costs. But unfortunately, mildew loves that environment too. It can also go unnoticed because you don’t typically see very much of your roof.

The home shown above had extensive mildew damage and required a complete roofing tear off and replacement.

That may or may not be the case with your home. If you are noticing mildew on your roof, don’t panic. Victors Roofing, like many other roofing companies, offers a free inspection. You do want to be sure you are having that inspection performed by a reputable roofer so we advise due diligence. An honest inspection can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Because the roof is not typically thought of until something doesn’t seem right, many homeowners are unaware of a low cost maintenance procedure that can greatly extend the life of your roof. There are companies that specialize in cleaning roofs. A routine cleaning will save you a lot of cash. If it turns out your roof only needs a cleaning, you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Honest roofers will gladly tell you if a cleaning or repair will suffice. They have good relationships with maintenance companies who will refer their clients to the roofing contractor when a replacement really is needed.