One reason the experience of a roofing contractor cannot be overstated is because the installation of your roofing is everything. The quality of roofing materials is very important, but it literally means nothing with poor installation. Another way of saying it is that even the best roofing materials will fail if improperly installed.

What’s worse is that the great product warranties on leading roofing products does not cover faulty workmanship. Since inexperienced roofers usually don’t stay in business very long, you won’t be covered by warranties from a defunct company. That leaves you stuck with both materials and labor to redo the roof the way it should have been done the first time.

Here are some helpful tips to find a qualified roofing contractor:

Competitive Pricing

No one truly desires to spend money on a roof. Good roofing does not come cheap either. One of the most common traits of an unscrupulous roofing contractor is low pricing. It’s very tempting to fall for the low price and they are particularly skilled at playing on your desire to save money and inventing reasons why they are legitimately cheaper.

If the price you are quoted differs greatly from other competitive bids, that roofing contractor is either taking shortcuts that they shouldn’t or they are really bad business people who have miscalculated the cost of doing business. Either way you don’t want to hire them.

In fairness though, we’re only referring to significant price fluctuations. There are ways to operate efficiently and Victors Roofing does that. In fact, at the risk of being somewhat self promotional, we’ve borrowed “lean” practices used in manufacturing that are yet undiscovered by most roofing companies. You’ll find our prices very attractive but that’s not the same things as being cheap.

Staff Turnover

This one may be a bit more challenging for you to determine but another telltale sign of the wrong roofing contractor is high employee turnover. This not only involves hiring inexperienced staff for lower pay, those type of roofers often operate hand to mouth and their staff leave after not getting paid.

Experienced roofers work as a team and high turnover is a productivity killer. Roofing companies that know how to keep their staff happy are definitely the better choice for working on your home. It’s a good indicator of the kind of work you can expect.


We live in the age of the Internet. That’s a very good thing because you can and should check on any roofing contractor you are considering for your home. Any experienced roofing contractor with adequate years in business will have a verifiable reputation, and that means more than just longevity.

Online reviews are easy enough to find when you use the company name on search engines (adding city and/or state helps refine search results) and helps reveal whether all the wonderful things the contractor says about themselves are consistent with customer experiences.

It’s hard for unqualified roofers to hide from Google. Also, an inexperienced roofer is easier to identify if nothing shows up. No reputation should be treated with the same apprehension as a bad reputation.

Getting Peace of Mind

Because the roofing on your home is such a significant investment, having the peace of mind that your roofing contractor is qualified to keep your roof leak free for decades is a must. Following the 3 simple principles outlined above will greatly increase your confidence to make the right choice.