Today’s hot Google search topics reflect the times in which we live: Can a dog get sick? Can a legally blind person drive? Can a leaky roof cause mold? The answers: yes, dogs can get sick, and yes, a legally blind person can drive. The leaky roof? Yes, too! 

Mindful of Mold

Mold is in every bit of air we breathe. Most of it is harmless. Only when mold finds a warm, moist surface out of the way of wind does it settle in and propagate. It can reproduce extraordinarily fast, and it does it rather sneakily, too.

Mold — including black and green molds connected to respiratory ailments — needs about 12 days to firmly establish itself on a damp surface like your attic insulation, ceiling drywall, or interior walls. Only after around 18 days will these tiny organisms become visible, and by then, you may be too late to easily eradicate the mold. After the 12th day, the mold will move and grow at astonishing speed. 

Removing mold can be an involved and expensive process, requiring mold remediation services and many hours of diligent searching, removal, and restoration. 

Thwarting Mold

Better than dealing with mold once it has a foothold in your southeast Michigan home is preventing it from forming. Roof leaks are an easy invitation for mold, so promptly dealing with roof leaks is a great strategy. 

  1. Contact your local roofer to deal with the roof leak as soon as you see it. Stop the flow of water into your attic, between your walls, and onto your ceilings.
  2. Dry everything out as quickly as possible to prevent mold from starting.
  3. Next, use a mold eradication service or, for small mold issues, use a bleach and detergent solution recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.
  4. Keep an eye on affected areas for at least four weeks, acting quickly if you again see mold develop (stains, water spots, brown discoloration, mold spores, or tendrils).

Let Your Roofer Help

Some homeowners foolishly hesitate to call their neighborhood residential roofer, thinking they can deal with the mold themselves. The small cost of having a skilled roofer fix a roof leak is nothing compared to the potential health and financial issues you could face by ignoring the roof leak. Let your roofer help you put a permanent stop to the leak and thereby, the mold!

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