We are often asked about our license and insurance which shows that many homeowners are both informed and concerned. You should be. Both are very important and you should ask for proof. A legitimate roofing contractor will not be the least bit offended.

This is not just a matter of compliance with Michigan law, but your own personal protection.

State law in Michigan requires that if you’re working on any roof other than your own, you are required to be licensed; both personal and business license are required. To acquire a contractor’s license in Michigan, class time is required and both trade and business tests are administered. To maintain valid licensing, around 40 hours of classes must be completed annually.

Licensing and skill are also very specific. You want to be sure your roofer is licensed for roofing. Obviously it’s a lot easier to go unlicensed so this alone says something important about those who are not licensed. Licensing doesn’t benefit the contractor, it benefits you. The same is true of insurance.

Roofing work involves hazards beyond most other types of contracting. Men are carrying heavy bundles of materials and equipment up and down ladders. They are working near edges at dangerous elevations. Insurance premiums for these hazards do not come cheap. In fact, they are VERY expensive but also VERY important! An uninsured contractor is not a bargain, it’s a huge risk to you as the homeowner.

Legitimate roofing contractors carry substantial insurance coverage to protect you, their employees, their company, and their equipment and vehicles. You probably won’t have to ask a reputable roofer to see proof of both license and insurance, or at least you won’t with us because it’s standard with every proposal we issue. When reviewing insurance coverage, be sure liability, workman’s comp, and vehicles are all covered.

As a final step in reviewing license and insurance, be sure to verify licensing with the State of Michigan and call the contractor’s insurance agent to confirm up to date coverage.

You can verify the license for Victors Roofing here…