Home improvement projects are appealing – but how do you create a year-round oasis for your home when seasonal trends vary so greatly? Improving the appearance of your home can be simple with a few creative ideas.  

Landscaping Tricks

Year-round landscaping fundamentals include rocks, fencing, and garden statues – anything that forms a substantial focal point throughout the year.  Use such rocks as flagstones, river or lava rocks to help create a versatile look with a variety of colored stones. Select from a seasonal flowers that are ideal to plant during the fall or spring, create large beautiful foliage and goes well with miniature waterfalls and/or streams. Varying perennials with help ensure that blooms are present in your garden throughout the warmer months. Flowers such as the Red Valerian, Long Blooming Salvia and Garden Phlox will add color and height to your landscaping, adding seasonal trends.

Accent Pieces

Exterior accents – the patio, front steps, porch, fence, etc. – should be carefully coordinated to fit with the colors of your home’s siding and roof.  Designate certain areas as “decor” spots, to simplify the seasonal changes you would like to make with flowers, vases, pictures, etc.

Colors of Your Home’s Exterior

It is difficult and expensive to change that appearance of your home’s exterior.  When choosing the colors, shoot for tones that are easy to decorate around.

A new shingle roof replacement is a great opportunity to begin a stylized approach to your decor. With Victors Roofing, we’ve got you covered from the shingles to the attic insulation. Our expertise will lead you into comfortable warm winters and cool summers. Dependable roofing helps prevent any sort of leakage and allowing heat or cold to enter or escape from your home. We can help when it comes to repairing or replacing shingles as we offer a wide selection of shingles that will complement your home.


More on Shingle Roofing

Architectural shingles are a great option for homeowners who take a varied approach to home improvement and decorating.  Their thickness, texture and durability make them ideal for a wide variety of styles.

Other ideas:


Other seasonal trends to consider when creating simple home improvements is painting your interior walls with a new color, particularly neutrals to match all types of decor. Change out a chair, rug, end tables or paintings to help update your living room or bedroom decor without having to spend a ton of money. Some of the smallest changes can make your home look brand new.


Our team at Victors Roofing offers a leak free guarantee on the work that we complete. For help with your shingle roof replacement and repair projects, contact us today.

Shingle Roofing Options