Getting your home ready to sell can be hectic. When you’re busy choosing a listing agent, deciding on a price, giving the house a thorough cleaning, and making minor repairs, don’t forget the roof. Buyers’ eyes are sure to focus on this key structural element, so it’s vital to get it sale-ready by taking the following steps.

Schedule an Inspection

Even if your roof is fairly new, it’s smart to have a reputable roofing contractor give it a thorough evaluation before you list your home for sale. Once you have the inspection report, you’ll know if there are problems that need attention, or you’ll have documentation to assure potential buyers that the roof is in excellent shape.

Take Care of Needed Maintenance and Repairs

Issues like a few missing shingles, or damaged flashing around the chimney or roof edge, can give buyers the impression that your home isn’t well cared for, so it’s wise to have any needed maintenance and minor repairs taken care of before your home goes on the market.

Have Your Roof Professionally Cleaned

A roof with unsightly streaks of algae or moss growth is bound to detract from your home’s appearance. You can boost the curb appeal and make your home more attractive to buyers by having the roof professionally cleaned.

Make Sure Your Gutters are in Excellent Condition

If your gutters are sagging away from the fascia in some spots, clogged with debris or in overall poor shape, you need to have them cleaned and repaired or replaced. If you don’t, buyers may be scared to make an offer because they’re concerned about potential problems with soil erosion, basement leaks, and ice dams that let water back up into the attic.

Consider Replacing Your Roof

If the roofing contractor who does your inspection tells you the roof is in poor condition and recommends replacement, you should give their advice serious consideration. If you decide against a replacement, your home can take longer to sell, a buyer might expect a hefty discount or you may have to lower your asking price substantially just to get an offer. If you replace the roof before putting your home on the market, you can expect to recoup roughly half of the cost, and it can mean a faster, less stressful sale.

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