For homes in and around Canton, Michigan, our Southeast Michigan service area, or pretty much anywhere else in the Midwest, the primary choice of roofing shingles include: 3 tab shingle, architectural shingle, or designer shingle. But how do you choose which is best for your home? What is the difference in shingles besides the price?

Tips for Choosing the Right Shingle

You’ll want to consider your needs and preferences which include variables such as:

  • The value of your home
  • The impression and curb appeal you want to create
  • How the shingles will affect selling time and the selling price
  • Local requirements which may include above average specifications
  • Longevity and warranty of the shingles
  • Availability of color and design choices
  • Energy efficiency
  • And of course, price and budget

As we briefly outline each of your choices for roofing shingles, the list of considerations above will be used to help you become more confident in your choice.

3 Tab Shingle

3 tab shinglesMany Southeast Michigan homes use the 3 tab shingle and it is probably the most common throughout the entire Midwest. Price would certainly have a lot to do with that seeing that it’s the most economical, but it also withstands the demands of Michigan weather and has good longevity of about 20-30 years.

Longevity is somewhat of a misnomer though. We’ve seen “30 Year” roofs looking very bad after only 10-15 years. Sometimes that’s the fault of shoddy installation, other times it’s a bit of trickery in the way life expectancy is rated and fine print in warranties. We advise caution and the advice of an experienced roofing professional.

Color choices tend to be more limited but this should be expected at the most economical end of the shingle choice spectrum. As you will see from the image, 3 tab shingle is also very flat in appearance and often is referred to as “flat look shingle” because of this characteristic.

Since this is the thinnest of your shingle choices, it is also the most prone to tearing and is the least wind resistant. Generally speaking, it’s good for economy but costs you in every other respect. You’ll be replacing it sooner and taking a hit on home value, curb appeal, and competitiveness when selling your home.

Architectural Shingle

Architectural shinglesAlso referred to as dimensional shingles, architectural shingles are the ideal way to achieve the more robust look of wood, shakes, and other aesthetically pleasing textures without the drawbacks. They are thick, heavy, and extremely durable and wind resistant (withstanding winds of 130 MPH and life spans of 50 years).

Architectural shingles shine in every area of considerations for your home: they are available in many design and color choices, add home value, provide striking curb appeal, make your home easier to sell in less time at a higher price, and offer the ultimate in longevity and warranty.

You also have options for better energy efficiency with products that reflect sunlight and reduce attic heat, and additional impact resistance that could potentially save you money on insurance premiums.

Some housing developments in Canton, as well as many other communities, require the use of architectural or dimensional roofing shingles.

As you would expect, architectural shingles are your more costly option, but the pain is confined to a one time event that you can then enjoy worry free for a lifetime.

Designer Shingle

Designer shinglesMost roofing projects done by Victors Roofing use designer shingles because they are a melding of moderate pricing at various price points, aesthetics, diversity of design and color choices, and high quality with longevity and warranty. They basically meet almost every homeowner need and consideration other than lowest price.

However, even the low price is generally met when you consider installation and labor costs. The overall difference in the final price tends to negate the appeal of 3 tab shingles. Only if you’re installing them yourself will you gain any significant initial savings. Even those savings will likely be offset by added frustration of longer installation time and changes in weather over a long installation period.

Because of the ability look like slate, cedar and many other materials, the ability to mimic more dimensional alternatives, and the design flexibility to create several types of character in your home’s appearance, designer shingles naturally add value, curb appeal, and selling advantages. They also offer the option of better energy efficiency adding to the reasons they are an ideal choice for your home.

This may seem a bit biased toward designer shingles, but after serving homeowners in our main hub of Canton and the rest of Southeast Michigan for almost 7 years now, this experience tells us they are most likely your ideal choice. If you step up to architectural shingles, you’ll never be sorry, but for lower costs with superb results, designer shingles are your best alternative.

One last thing to mention that only Victors Roofing or another properly certified installer can provide is our 50 year warranty.

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