Although it would be unrealistic to publish a standard answer to this question, it’s one every homeowner naturally wants to know, so we can publish some general guidelines to give you the best answer possible before you call us. We will say up front that you will have an exact answer to that question when you get a proposal from us.

There are some seasonal consistencies to help give you an idea what to expect:

  • In the winter and early spring, we can usually install your new roof within 1-2 weeks
  • In the late spring, summer, and fall, you should expect about 2-4 weeks to have your new roof installed

There are rare occasions where we can schedule your roof for the next day but we are a one day roofing company, not usually a next day roofing company. It should be noted that companies that are too anxious to get your roof done quickly tend to also be the ones you shouldn’t hire. Reputable roofers are not desperate for work and you should expect similar lead times for any of them.