This is a question we get asked a lot.  With different manufacturers and roofing materials, there is no standard answer.  However, here are a few guidelines to give you reasonable expectations on the projected lifespan of your roof.

Example of bad roofing that needed replacementReasonable Lifespan Expectations

If a shingle roof lasts 30 years, we tell the homeowners that they really got their money’s worth! Asphalt shingle roofing is designed to last about 20 years, with a few surviving beyond that.

After two decades, your roofing materials are simply too aged and deteriorated from Michigan weather to properly protect your home from the elements.

What To Look For

From the moment a roof is installed on your home, it begins to age.  Take the time to keep track of its condition to help prevent any unwelcome surprises or roof leaks.

Here are a few common “warning signs” to look for:

Excessive loss of granules

Granules are the tiny little stones on the surface of shingles that protect the asphalt underneath from damaging UV rays. Once enough of these granules are lost from the shingle, the asphalt will dry out and lose its ability to remain watertight. You might also notice a lot of these granules built up in your gutters.

Shingles curling & Blistering on the shingles

Curling and blistering are closely related and are both caused by not having enough asphalt applied to the shingle. This is too typical of shingles produced to lower specs to meet prices guidelines which is why we are very selective about roofing materials. The sun dries the shingle out causing curls, blisters, and granule loss. Leaks are exceptionally quick to take advantage of this situation.

Shingles blown off or missing

Blow-offs have two causes or a combination of both. Faulty workmanship can result in blow-offs even on a recent roofing job. Improper installation can cause the shingle to fly away the first time winds hit 40 MPH. Other times it’s just age. Your shingles are held down in two ways: first the nails, then something called a seal strip. When nailed down properly, the sun will cure the seal strip effectively gluing the shingles together. Over time this seal can break down and lose its ability to hold down the shingles.

Repair or Replace?

Many homeowners throughout southeast Michigan truly struggle with determining whether it is best to repair – or replace – your roof.

Example of serious shingle curling, blow-off, and seam failure, as well as really bad job of flashing around the chimneyWithout the obvious indicators listed above, it is often helpful to consult with a reputable roofing contractor to assess how many years you can expect to have left on your roof.

Roof repairs can be a great way to fix small problem areas in roofing systems that have many years left of life ahead of them.

For a roof that is nearing the end of its life, you might need to ask yourself this discerning question:

If I spend $800 on repairs now, will I regret that in two years when they take the entire roof off and throw it in the trash?

Professional Consultation

When you schedule a professional inspection from Victors Roofing, we’ll let you know how much longer your roof is expected to last. We will walk you through the options available to you to help you make the decision that fits with your budget and lifestyle needs.

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