If you’ll permit us one little boast, protecting your home during a roofing installation is on our list of things we are most proud of and where we make extra effort to outshine the other roofing companies. Every home is different when it comes to setting up for a new roof so we don’t have a one size fits all answer to this question.

What we can tell you is that our material haulers we use to transport the materials are loaded up for every job with an arsenal of protective materials: 4×8 sheets of wood, lumber, tarps, and any other materials deemed necessary that we determine during the original inspection of your roof. Extra care is given to the setup before the first crew member ever climbs a ladder to begin your roofing project.

We cover your bushes and surrounding lawn, protect and cover delicate flowers and landscape, lean 4×8 sheets of protective wood against your house, porch, rails, steps, and so on. One of the signature features of our process is the use of our material hauler doubling as a trash hauler. This means no trash container is dropped on your property for who knows how long. We usually are able to confine the hauler to the driveway so we don’t even leave tire tracks on your lawn.

When the structure of your roof permits, our truck parked below has roofing debris thrown directly into it. This saves us time and you money. Everything not thrown directly into the truck is caught by the pretty blue sea of tarps we create during setup so it can be safely and completely removed.

The whole idea is that when we are finished, which is usually inside of a day, the only evidence that a roofing company has been there is your beautiful new roof. Most roofing companies don’t mind leaving you with souvenirs, but we’d rather maintain our boast of expressing our appreciation for your business in a different way.