What makes a house? Walls, a roof, a floor, and some windows and doors. Do you need a basement for a house to be a home? No. Do you need gutters? That depends.

We Had Gutters

Did your house have gutters, and over the years it lost them? Decay, rust, age, snow, and ice — gutters can fail for many reasons. If your home had gutters and now the gutters are a distant memory, your home is vulnerable. 

Gutters sweep water away from your home’s foundations. The foundation walls stay dry and intact when gutters work. With a basement — most Michigan homes have basements — water standing next to your foundations weakens it to the point where you may need serious and expensive foundation repair. 

What happens to a house with no gutters, when it once had gutters, is a sad series of unpleasant expenses:

  • Water infiltration
  • Ruined wall insulation
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Foundation cracks

You can avoid significant outlay on major repairs by investing in new, sleek seamless gutters today. 

We Never Had Gutters

Some homes — homes with particular qualities — do not need gutters. A home with no basement or a home with excellent landscaping drainage may not even need gutters. Rain can roll off the roof all around your home and drain away from your walls, thanks to gravity. 

If you do not care where the water flows once it leaves your roof, you can get by with no gutters.

If, though, you never had gutters but have some of the following issues, gutters will definitely help:

  • Standing water near the house
  • Water flowing to parts of your yard you would prefer to keep drier
  • Additions to your home that need better drainage, like a mother-in-law apartment or a new attached garage
  • Your landscaping recently changed
  • Water staining, splattering and streaking on your siding

If unsure, ask your local roofing and gutter professional for an inspection and written opinion. The worst of what happens to a house with no gutters is a plunge in home value. 

Side Effects

Many other parts of your Michigan home are affected by poor gutter performance or no gutters at all. Siding and windows take a beating from water splashing against them or spattering mud and dirt up from the landscaping. Water could also infiltrate behind the siding. 

Calling Victors Roofing at (734) 442-2345 can cure your gutterless home. Contact us today to learn more about our gutter systems.