A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you are investing in a new roof, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment when it comes to energy efficiency.

This is why Victors Roofing takes the extra step of evaluating your attic insulation when generating your roofing estimate and recommends an upgrade if needed.

Why is Attic Insulation So Important?

If your attic’s insulation is not up to par, you are not going to fully realize the energy efficiency that your new roof can provide. Even if you are not in the market for a new roof, choosing to upgrade your attic insulation will add to your home’s energy efficiency. It will improve the comfort of your home, which is important for our cold and windy Michigan winters and hot summers.

Attic insulation also helps extend the life of your roof by blocking the natural flow of heat energy. If your insulation is lacking, heat from your living space can seep up into your attic. This causes areas of your roof to heat up and can cause roof-damaging ice dams. Installing proper attic insulation with your new roof helps make your home’s HVAC system more energy efficient, too. It cuts down on cold drafts during the winter and prevents hot air from seeping into your living space during the summer.

Before installing a new roof, your attic insulation should be checked to determine its type and whether it has become compacted or moldy. If your insulation is from fiberglass rolls, the R-value is likely not up to today’s minimum recommended value of R-49 for our region.

Victors Roofing Recommends Blown-In Fiberglass

Victors Roofing Recommends Blown-In Fiberglass
We recommend using blown-in fiberglass insulation with our residential attic systems. This type of insulation adds to the already superior quality of the roofing materials we use. Using blown-in fiberglass insulation helps create a more comfortable living environment by keeping the heat where it should be. It also provides additional benefits, including:
  1. Resistance to insects, rodents, and fire.
  2. Greater coverage for your attic, including hard to reach areas.
  3. Lower utilities as your air conditioning and heat supply don’t have to work as hard.

Schedule a Roof and Attic Insulation Evaluation

Now is a great time to get ready for summer and winter with a new roof and upgraded attic insulation. Contact the experts at Victors Roofing to schedule your free roofing estimate and see how your attic insulation measures up.

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