What matters more: trust, or low price? What matters more: trust, or reputation? Everything stems from trust. Families bond together through trust. Companies stay in business because of trust. When hiring a roofer — a contractor who will be responsible for the part of your home that protects everything you own — you have to trust the roofer, 100 percent. 

Trust, But Verify

Sales people have one job: to make you like them personally enough to trust their company with your roofing project. Whether you ask for bids on small repairs or a complete new roof, the sales people from the three contractors you interview will work to earn your trust. 

But what does that mean, really? The sales representative will not be on your roof. No, the representative presents the company, then steps away, and the hard work begins in the hands of trustworthy roofers.

So trust, but verify:

  • Ask for proof of licensure
  • Ask for proof of workers compensation insurance and liability protection
  • Ask for customer testimonials
  • Ask for industry certifications, awards, and recognition

Get It in Writing

Examine both the bid quotes and the final contract carefully. Look for a scope of work describing exactly what your roofer will do. A trustworthy roofer is comfortable spelling out the details:

  • How your landscaping will be protected (tarps and protective plywood)
  • What will happen to replaced materials (carting and removal) 
  • For a new roof, what roofing system will be applied (type and material of underlayment, shingle brand and line, flashing, gutters if necessary)

Avoid the roofer full of vague promises. Trust the roofer who knows the craft and provides enough information for you to make intelligent decisions. 

Money, Honey

Ultimately you must trust your roofer with a potentially expensive project, like a whole new roof. Here trust reigns supreme. A new roof could run more than $10,000, according to HomeAdvisor. Do you trust the contractor with so much of your money?

You can trust a roofer with that level of financial commitment by choosing a local, community-minded contractor, one with a physical address close to you, one who puts promises in writing. 

For Canton-area homeowners, go with the roofer you can trust. Go with Victors Roofing. We have local roots, we pride ourselves on our amazing roofing crews, and we will always listen to you. Not every Canton-area roofer can be trusted to put the customer first. Contact Victors Roofing today!