Work ethic is an American tradition; all work is noble. Except. Except when you have to rouse yourself from bed on a Saturday and climb a rickety ladder to clean gutters. That kind of work? Not so noble, and the #1 reason gutter covers are a good idea. 


Avoid gutter cleaning by preventing the cause of dirty, clogged gutters. Gutter covers are the best way to prevent leaves, pine needles, branches, and twigs from getting into your Michigan home’s gutters in the first place. 

Experts at Michigan State University point out that our great state features not one, but three types of needle-bearing trees:

  1. Pines
  2. Spruces
  3. Firs

Combine their clogging capacity with leaves from some of Michigan’s magnificent maples, oaks, and quaking aspens and you have a recipe for gutter distress. You cannot prevent leaves falling from trees but you can prevent them from clogging your gutters.  

Are gutter covers a good idea? They are an excellent way to prevent damage to gutters, landscaping, and your home. Nobody needs to know they are also the perfect way to avoid tedious gutter maintenance. 


Gutter covers are not only like tiny helmets for your gutters, keeping debris out. They also protect your home’s fascia. That is the wood molding behind the gutter. It keeps pests and water out of your roof’s underside. Water which backs up and over your gutters will soak the fascia strip, eventually leading to rot. That leads to water infiltration, which means mold and mildew. Not just in your attic, either; water can seep down between exterior and interior walls. 

Are gutter covers a good idea? They are a great way to protect your Michigan home’s exterior, roof, and interior!


What can gutter covers preserve, besides the gutters themselves? Your serenity, your sanity, and your finances, for three things. Gutter covers are 100 percent maintenance-free. You never have to touch them once they are expertly installed by trained professionals from Victors Roofing. 

Your gutters function perfectly, no matter the amount of rainfall coursing through them. Downspouts stay clear of clogs. Your foundation and landscaping are preserved. 

Are gutter covers a good idea? If you want to preserve home value, ensure your landscaping thrives, and keep your cool, gutter covers are a great idea! So keep your Saturdays free. Have the professionals of Victors Roofing install sturdy, reliable gutter covers. Contact Victors Roofing today!