If a new roof costs, on average, about $7,076 (according to the experts at HomeAdvisor), and you manage to get it installed for $4,000, how much have you saved? First of all, you have saved nothing; you have spent $4,000. And what if, in the next three years, you need to spend another $3,000 for residential roofing repair? Was the $4,000 well spent? A “bargain roof” is seldom a bargain, but what factors affect pricing?


Fiberglass-asphalt shingles have the lowest installation price of any residential roofing material, but does that make them the best choice? That depends on your plans. If you intend to settle down in your home for decades to come (something few Americans do anymore), a metal roof may make sense. For most of us, a fiberglass-asphalt shingle is an economical choice that still locks in value for residential roofing.

Combined with heavy gauge metal flashing and gutter systems, a shingle roof is a good deal for most homeowners.



The company you select for roof replacement may hire its workers day to day; this is not a bargain. The most expensive shingle available will still leak if not properly installed. If one prospective contractor bids your home several thousand dollars less than other contractors, you may wonder what caliber of employee that roofer is using.

A well-trained crew can usually complete a residential roofing job in a day, using proper safety gear, tools to get shingles up to the roof, and the right procedures. A day-to-day crew may need four or five (expensive) days with questionable results.

Guarantee yourself the best deal by ensuring your roofer uses company employees, not day laborers, for your roof.



After installation or any home repair, a callback is typical. Ask prospective roofers how they handle callbacks, and be suspicious of any who claim zero callbacks. Every job has small issues (sometimes cosmetic, sometimes more fundamental), so service after installation should be part of the whole price.

Residential roofing should be inspected annually. The same contractor who installed it should provide for follow-up inspections (at a modest price) so you know your roof is protected.


Roof replacement done right is not cheap. Your roof protects the most expensive thing you own — your home — so getting the best deal on residential roofing really means paying for quality. For quality installation and great customer service, contact us at Victors Roofing today.

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