Fiberglass insulation provides residential homeowners with several benefits over many years.

ProCat from Owens Corning has proven to be a reliable brand for fiberglass insulation and has gained widespread trust in the home construction industry. Here are four important perks you can gain from a fiberglass solution for insulating your attic.

Resistance to Insects, Rodents and Fire

Blown in fiberglass insulation uses flame-repellant material which is also designed to prevent bugs from penetrating your walls. Allowing insects in your home can lead to gradual degradation and may lower the value of your home and increase maintenance bills.

Efficient and Maximum Attic Coverage

Not only is fiberglass efficient insulation material that reduces waste, it can cover hard to reach areas within your attic. Owens Corning’s waste-free products provide you with the satisfaction of contributing to eco-friendly solutions. Greater amounts of material can be used in areas that need better thermal performance.

Superior Thermal Performance

Since fiberglass never settles, it preserves thermal performance over time. It’s an ideal material for placing in wall cavities, as it retains heat in the winter and cool temperatures in the summer. Fiberglass loose-fill insulation is manufactured with fine molten glass fibers in medium and high-density versions. Up to 60% of the glass is commonly from recycled glass. Fiberglass provides a wide range of R values, which allows for flexibility in how it’s deployed.

Lower energy bills

You won’t need to use as much energy when you insulate your attic with fiberglass. As a result of less energy consumption on heating and air conditioning, you will not have to pay as much on your monthly bills. Fiberglass is considered to be a very cost-efficient solution, since it’s sustainable, provides robust insulation and lasts many years.

When you own a home you should make sure the insulation is strong and in good shape for years to come. Connect with us at Victor Roofing to learn more about how our installation and repair crew can provide the most reliable and effective insulation for your home. The more energy-efficient you make your home, the more savings you’ll generate for the future.

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