free estimates available for your new shingle roof replacement

There are many roofing companies that will provide their services to homeowners in the southeastern region of Michigan. Yet, there are a number of things to look for before making a decision on one company and they include a free estimate, evidence of what needs to be done, experience, efficient service and the use of high quality materials.

Professional Services

Michigan residents will notice the high competition among roofing companies, but this also makes for an opportunity to continue to improve services and capabilities to be among the best. Victors Roofing displays professionalism with offering a number of services that are not needed to get the job done, but it is needed to create a good relationship with the customer. This ensures the customer is pleased with the services and will highly recommend us.

Great Service

Victors Roofing provides expertise and a combination of services that ensure a proper coverage that includes gutters and attic insulation. We have a group of workers that treat each other like family and work well together, making customers comfortable.

Clean & Simple

Cleanliness is as much of an important quality to a roof replacement as we keep materials out of the way and prevent any type of obstruction around the home. You will practically feel like a major job is not being done on your home. We typically get a new shingle roof completed within a day depending on the size of the home.

Personal Communication

Accessibility is also important to us as it is important to our customers to be able to reach the owner, Victor throughout the day. Many times he will be at the job before it is completed to make sure the customer is completely satisfied.

Quality Materials

High quality materials are used on all homes as we also provide other qualities:

  • A free estimate with a thorough inspection that includes video and/or pictures to show the customer.
  • A leak free guarantee that assures the customer peace of mind that good work is being done.

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If you’re searching for a new shingle roof on your home, contact Victors Roofing for great, personalized services and a free estimate.