New roofing is an expensive investment – and quality roofing is even more so.  Homeowners who are facing the need for a roof replacement without the aid of insurance may be wondering: are there any financing options available? 

There are a few choices for homeowners who are looking at financing their new roof replacement:

Credit Union

You should probably start with your own bank or credit union. If you’ve been banking with them for any length of time, they will likely be able to offer the best terms and rates, especially if it’s a “small” bank or local branch office where the personnel know you.

We recommend asking about different options and loan types so you can compare them for your best solution. A home equity loan or personal loan would serve as good examples to investigate.

Green Sky Financing

Victors Roofing has joined up with Green Sky Financing to help assure every homeowner is provided with more viable options. Green Sky has high approval rates and many different options to suit various needs.

Two of these options though are the most popular:

  1. 12 month no interest and no payment
  2. 9.99% for 7 years

The first option is best suited for those who have cash ready for the investment, but do not wish to spend all of it at once.  Stretching it out over the course of one year will help ensure that your financial status will be secure if an unexpected emergency comes up.  Although the second option has a much lengthier term, its affordable interest rate and low monthly payments makes it extremely popular.

Looking for More Information?

If you would like more information on how these financing options work with a new roof replacement from Victors Roofing, please contact us.  The important thing is that your current financial status does not have to stand in the way of getting a new roof that offers security and peace of mind.