Comedians and roofers both know the Rule of Three. The comedians’ Rule of Three is to say two things and then toss in the joke: “Can I get you anything? Cup of coffee? Doughnut? Cyanide?” For roofers, the Rule of Three encourages clients to interview three roofers before contracting a roofing job. This step alone goes a long way to having an excellent roofing contractor.


Your first challenge as a Michigan homeowner in need of a roofer is to know what to look for, what to ask, and how to find one. 

Look for a local, reliable roofer by asking to see their paperwork:

  1. Licensing — Victors Roofing, for example, proudly holds Michigan Contractor License #2104196971
  2. Certifications — Roofing materials manufacturers offer training and certifications, but not all roofers enroll in these trainings
  3. Affiliations and Awards — From customer reviews to business trade groups, a good roofing contractor is part of the community

Victors Roofing, for instance, makes community involvement a vital part of our business model. For every 100 roofs we install, a local family in need receives a roof at no charge. This is our “Give Back Through Victors” program, and we’re mighty proud of it. 

For your Michigan home, you need a local roofer. Why? Well, we can think of three reasons:

  1. Michigan roofers know Michigan’s weather, so reroof jobs are installed to protect your home against snow and ice
  2. A local roofer is readily available for a callback (a return to fix a minor issue)
  3. They live in the community in which they work, so their reputation is tested with every roof

Ask your neighbors. Ask other trade contractors. Who in roofing is local, reliable, and trustworthy? 

You may not even be aware, for instance, but Victors Roofing has been providing efficient, courteous, and high-quality roofing service for your neighbors and friends, for more than a decade.  


Is this thing on? Test, test — for a comedian to be heard, the microphone needs to be on. For a customer to be heard, somebody’s got to answer the phone. Give any prospective roofer a cold call. Check out their communication style. 

To be completely fair, you might reach the owner at a job site, or an office worker at the physical address. Either is fine; the active, involved owner hustling to provide excellent customer service is a good sign. So, too, is a dedicated office staff in a real building. 

What’s not fine is to get dropped into the voicemail void, to be ignored, or to find out the roofing contractor’s “company” is really just Chuck and his Truck. 

What about the phone call, though, tells you about a roofer’s quality? Here are three hallmarks of excellent customer service: 

  1. The person on the other end of the line (whether owner, office worker, or sales representative) is polite, clear, and efficient
  2. Every question you ask is answered, every expectation you have is met, and every concern you hold is addressed
  3. Someone returns your call or provides follow-up information promptly


The “third degree” may not be your style, but you hold the checkbook, so ask plenty of questions. Grill three prospective roofers to find out everything you need to know before letting anybody on your roof. 

Start with these questions:

  1. What training and experience does your roofing crew have?
  2. How will you ensure the safety of my family members, pets, and your crew?
  3. Who will be the single point of contact during the job?

Those are the easy questions. Everyone, from the polite office worker to the sales representative to the company owner, should be able to answer those questions without pause. 

These next three questions are meatier:

  1. Do you provide an all-inclusive written estimate which includes a full Scope of Work?
  2. Do you offer a workmanship warranty in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty?
  3. Will you remove and properly dispose of my home’s old roof?

The sales representative and company owner should know the answers immediately. An office worker may not have the answers, but that’s okay. This gives the company a chance to show you how they research and reply to customers’ needs promptly. 

Most homeowners replace a roof once in the time they own a home. Nobody expects you to be an expert on roofing, materials, or installation. Interviews with three roofers is a great step toward finding the one superior roofer for your needs. 

Once done with the interviews, collect and compare bids. Choose the roofer providing the best quality you can afford, and strongest warranties, not the cheapest roofer. 

Your residential roofing project really can be as easy as one-two-three if you include Victors Roofing in your three bids. Please contact us today to allow us the honor of bringing our best work, our best crews, and our years of expertise to your Michigan home.