how to get an energy credit by adding attic insulation

There’s nothing quite like a home improvement which saves you money in more ways than one. If you are considering adding attic insulation to your home, make sure you do it right so you can get energy credit and savings in other ways. Learn how with this guide.

Know the Rules

If you already plan on adding insulation to your attic, you may qualify for energy credits. However, in order to qualify there are certain rules you will have to follow. You may need to add a certain amount of insulation or perhaps your attic should have a certain amount overall. There are material restrictions and other items in play. Know what you have to do so you don’t do something else and cut yourself out of the energy credit race.

Cost Savings on Bills

In addition to energy credits, you can also save money on your energy bills with this project. If your home already has insulation which is up to current building code standards you could still add more and get more savings. If you need to insulate to code you’ll receive an even bigger savings on your energy bills. Either way, any time you insulate your house better, your energy bills will reflect your efforts.

HVAC System Relief

It’s a big job to maintain your HVAC system, especially if you have an older unit. Providing your home with the proper levels of insulation can give your HVAC unit a break. It won’t have to run as much to give you the heat or cooling you need and it will likely break down less because of it. You won’t have as much maintenance to do on a unit which isn’t in use as often. This helps you save money in the long-run as well.

If you’d like to have a professional take a look at your attic insulation and give you advice as to whether or not you need more insulation, call Victors Roofing. We are premium representatives who have remarkable experience with insulation. We know just what to do to get you energy credits and will also help you save money in other ways. We’ll talk to you in a language you understand so you know just what’s going on with your attic.

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