In Part 1, we covered the importance of attic insulation and how to supplement conventional attic insulation like we provide to get better energy efficiency. Our team at Victors Roofing works only with roofing and siding, but we thought  

Radiant barrier on outside walls under sidingWall Insulation Necessities

Although the main source of heat loss comes from windows and attics, wall insulation still affects the energy efficiency of your home.

For older homes that lack adequate insulation, blown in insulation offers a good retrofitting option. This will help reduce energy bills but be prepared for a good likelihood of increased dust in your home too, during the installation process.

The ideal solution for your walls is best done when adding new siding.

Windows & Their Affect On Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Illustration of low-e windowsWindow technology has changed drastically in the last couple of decades. Not only are they incredibly more energy efficient, but even the degradation of UV rays ruining your interior furnishings can be overcome.

A technological breakthrough called Low-E glass looks like normal glass from both sides but it possesses a remarkable ability to inhibit the heat transfer that glass normally intensifies. You know the feeling; you’re sitting in front of a window and it gets too hot for comfort.

Choosing the right windows will definitely help to supplement the investment you made in an energy-efficient roofing system.

Always Consult With Professionals

There are so many products on the market that it pays to work with a trusted professional who has experience working with the various manufacturers.  Whether you are looking for ways to improve the insulation on your home – or are simply trying to find a contractor to repair the energy-efficiency tools you already have – try to work with a trusted, local contractor who has experience and training in home improvement projects.

Our team at Victors Roofing is ready to help homeowners in the Canton region to keep their homes in top condition this winter season.

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