When you think about a roofing project, you may not think about the other potential problems a roofer can help you identify before they become serious and expensive. Your chimney is one of those. Since you are not likely to climb on your roof, your chimney is something you typically only think about if damage is visible from the ground.

The heating and cooling of chimneys in Michigan is abusive to say the least. It’s not unusual during a roofing evaluation to discover problems with the chimney. Even a small crack in the cap can introduce moisture inside your home that will do serious and expensive structural damage if the chimney is not repaired.

As a roofing contractor, we do not do chimney repair, but should we happen to discover problems with your chimney, it is a side benefit that we can make you aware of it to avoid further problems. In addition, we can recommend reputable masonry contractors to repair the damage, possibly even collaborating with them so your chimney and roofing are coordinated together to assure your home’s full protection from the elements.