A new roof means a fresh start. If your roofer is not neat and clean with the roofing project, though, your homestead may end up looking like a junkyard. A roofing project which is kept orderly and clean at the project end is not only nicer to look at, it is more efficient and faster than sloppy work.

Clean From The Ground Up

No matter the material you choose for your new roof, every roofing job begins with precautions to protect your plants. Good roofers respect landscaping:

  • We cover bushes and shrubs with tarps
  • We cover decks and patios with tarps
  • If you are worried about it, we cover it with tarps

We use the right equipment and correct staging to get roofing materials from the ground up to roof without harming the sides of your home, trampling the rose bushes, or dislodging gutters.

Bits and Pieces

Whether low-slope or steep-slope, single ply membrane or fiberglass-asphalt shingle, roofing creates a lot of bits and pieces. The old materials must come off (in most cases). New materials have packaging, strips of clear plastic to protect adhesive, and trimmings.

All those bits and pieces can become a horrid mess, not to mention a major safety hazard. Good roofers ensure their employees regularly clean up after themselves. Not at the end of the day — all day long. This keeps the work site safer and your property cleaner.

Carry Out

A good roofer not only cleans up around the yard, but the crew also carries away all the old roofing, the packaging, cast-offs, and cut-offs. If you have sheathing replaced, new flashing installed, or fresh drip edge cut and attached, you will have leftovers and waste stock. All of that has to go with the crew at the end of the job.

Nearly last in the clean-up process, your yard, patio, and decks must be magnet-swept for loose nails, screws, and staples that fell from the roof during installation. Those little bits of metal are safety hazards (imagine a lawnmower hurling a roofing nail!).

Advantages of Cleanliness

A roofing crew is more efficient, less prone to injury, and more focused on high quality when ongoing clean-up is a normal part of every job. You benefit from having a disciplined crew. Your home benefits from having a clean, beautifully installed new roof.

Contact the highly trained professionals of Victors Roofing today to learn more about the benefits of working with a local, courteous and clean roofer.