One of the changes Victors Roofing made at the beginning of this year to benefit our customers is the achievement of CertainTeed ShingleMaster certification. We have long favored the CertainTeed roofing products due to the fact that we believe in using only what we would install on our own homes. Now we can add even more value.

ShingleMaster certification is more than just a prestige to make us look professional, it requires that we truly be knowledgeable and professional and allows us to offer warranties that ONLY ShingleMaster certified companies can provide. That means warranties up to 50 years that cover EVERYTHING. Get more warranty details..

Part of the ShingleMaster certification requires supervisors and at least two installers to earn what is called a Master Shingle Applicator certificate. If you’ll permit us extra bragging rights, there is a higher level “Wizard” option that must be passed with only one attempt so only the most skilled and dedicated installers can pass it. We have those Wizard certifications too!

We’re pleased not just to announce these professional achievements but that they mean tangible benefits to every homeowner who chooses Victors to install their roofing system. That’s truly what it is too; not just a roof but a system that protects your home from the weather.

See our CertainTeed certifications:

Victors Roofing ShingleMaster Certificate

Contractor's EDGE certificate

Shingle Quality Specialist Certificate

Master Shingle Applicator certificate - Victor

Master Shingle Applicator certificate - Carlos

Master Shingle Applicator certificate - Vitaly