3 Things To Consider When You Need Roof Shingles Repaired

We never argue with a lady, and when Martha Stewart says certain home items should be repaired instead of replaced, we listen. Martha recommends repairing lamps, watches, and window screens, among other things. But can you repair roof shingles?  […]

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When I Get A New Roof, What Does The Roof Warranty Cover?

A new residential roof is a big deal. It is the largest possible roofing project for your southeast Michigan home. You probably are scribbling notes to ask your roofer concerning your complete roof replacement. Things like, “Repair instead,” or “What does roof warranty cover?” One sign you have teamed with an excellent roofer: you can [...]

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7 Of The Best Ways To Void Your Roof Warranty (& Why You Shouldn’t)

You have the document in your hand: a roof warranty which provides a customized insurance policy for your Michigan home’s roof. But then you start to think about it. What does the roof warranty really mean? What does it cover? And what voids a roof warranty?  […]

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How To Tell When Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Trees, we’ve been told, communicate with each other (according to National Public Radio). This makes us wonder, what other voiceless things are talking behind our backs? What are our lawns saying about us? And what is your roof telling you? As a responsible homeowner, how can you know when to replace your roof? […]

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How To Choose The Best Color For Your Roof Shingles

A big part of homeownership is spending your time and money wisely. Should you get worked up over toilet paper: over or under? (Over, says science.) How about crunchy or smooth peanut butter? (We’re staying out of that one.) Does shingle color matter? Yes, for many practical reasons! […]

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6 Things That Should Be Included In Your Roof Replacement Cost

Everyone knows to get estimates from local, reliable roofers before contracting with one for full roof replacement. Everyone may also know to get the estimates in writing, but what else? Does everyone understand what affects the estimate’s bottom line? Here are six things an estimate for a full roof replacement should include.  […]

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The Number 1 Residential Best Practice For You To Follow

Be the best version of you. Always try your hardest. Aspire to greatness. These mantras get us through many challenges throughout our lives. Your home deserves your best, too. In their own way, your Michigan home and your home’s roof have health needs. What are the residential best practices for roof health and long life? [...]

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