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How Roof Maxx Is A Legit Way To Maintain Your Roof

Technology is the transfer of pure science into our lives. Pure science can tell you a shingle roof loses volatile chemicals from the day it is installed. Technology can provide a legit way for you to replace those volatile chemicals and extend the life of your shingle roof. Finding the right technology is the challenge. [...]

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Roof Maxx Will Protect My Roof For How Long?!

You have a right to be skeptical. Homeowners are so often teased and tormented by empty promises, we are leery of so-called “guarantees” about products meant to improve our lives and homes. We show you a new product, Roof Maxx, and you immediately ask, “How long does Roof Maxx last?” […]

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Behind The Scenes Of Roof Maxx Cost And Warranty

Your shingle roof is looking a little tired. Maybe it is a bit old, has lost some granules, and it may be hinting of water leaks. What can you do? A revolutionary product, Roof Maxx, can help. Let’s go behind the scenes and see how this natural product can save you money, worry, and your [...]

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How Roof Maxx Works To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Until now, there has only been one solution to unrelenting roof problems – investing in a complete roof replacement. Replacing roofs before their actual lifespan is over proves to be very costly when a simple solution can alleviate much of the associated costs. Just because your roof looks old, worn out, or discolored doesn’t mean [...]

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Roof Maxx Gives Your Michigan Home 4 Reasons To Cheer

Roof Maxx is a spray-on coating that will protect your roof from the elements and extend its lifespan for many years to come. Over time, the constant exposure to summer heat, frigid Michigan winter temperatures, and driving rain and snow, can dry out your shingles causing them to crack, lift, and eventually break away. Applying [...]

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Roof Maxx & Pests: Why You Can Be Worry-Free

Extending the life of your roof can help you save money while keeping it in good condition so it continues to protect your home. Roof Maxx is an easy, economical way to extend your roof’s life for up to 15 years with a professional application every 5 years. It restores the oil in your fiberglass [...]

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