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Choose a Roofer that Picks Up After the Job

You’ve probably heard horror stories about roofers leaving behind torn-up lawns, wrecked landscaping, damaged driveways, hazards like hidden nails, and messy, leftover debris, so it’s understandable if you’re nervous that your home needs a roof replacement. You can rest easy knowing that your home and property will be treated right, and feel confident in your [...]

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Love Your Neighbor! Nominate a Home for No Roof Left Behind

At Victors Roofing, we take great pride in our community and appreciate the neighbors we’ve had the privilege to serve in Canton and Wayne County. We know that our residential roofing business has thrived over the past decade because of the support and trust of fellow Michigan homeowners.  […]

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Want a Good Roofer? Here’s What to Look For

Finding and hiring a professional roofer to maintain and repair your home’s roof can be a daunting task. You’ve likely heard stories about how difficult it can be to find someone who is reliable, professional and who does the job right. Finding the best Canton roofing expert for your home should […]

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4 Criteria to Help You Choose the Best Canton Roofer

Your roof is the critically-important structural component that protects your home and family against all kinds of bad weather. This makes it vital to find the best Canton roofing contractor to maintain, repair or replace it. You can start your search by creating a list of licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors who have a [...]

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4 Things a Residential Roofer Needs to Know

When searching for a reliable, local roofer, how should Canton-area homeowners decide? Should you talk to neighbors or drive around until you spot a roofing job in progress? No, you need to do some basic research, and you have to interview the roofer. Among the questions to ask, you need to consider these four essentials. [...]

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Why Choose An Award Winning Roofing Contractor

The answer should be obvious: you want the best quality work and to work with hardworking roofing contractors. Recently, Victors Roofing of Canton won the Guildmaster Award through Guild Quality. We know how important using the best materials on the market is, and how it shows through our proud acceptance of numerous awards over the [...]

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Your Roofing Neighbor

Once upon a time, American homeowners counted on local builders and contractors to perform repair and maintenance on their homes. They utilized the experiences of friends and family to steer them to businesses they could trust. No business stayed in operation long that didn't deliver the work they promised. Unfortunately, times have changed and small, [...]

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The Victors Roofing Leak Free Guarantee

We are proud of our work at Victors Roofing and we give our clients a leak free guarantee good for 12 years. This comes with a free inspection after six years. The guarantee is for any work defects from our professional roof installers. Shingle roof replacement is free in the event of a leak. Roofing should [...]

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How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Hiring a professional roofer in Michigan should be simple, but sometimes a homeowner will procrastinate because he or she is unsure who to call. In a state full of builders and contractors there are certainly plenty to choose from–but how do you know who’s reliable, who’s offering the best price, and who can be trusted to [...]

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