The roof of your home is so much more than simply the top of your house. It is your home’s first line of defense against the natural elements.

Think of the roof as the lid on a bottle. The lid keeps everything out of the bottle. When you remove that lid, the bottle becomes nothing more than a drinking vessel, open to the elements.

Maintaining your roof means you are ensuring the protection of your home, top to bottom. Let’s look at how you are protecting your home when you take care of your roof.

Protecting Your Home from the Elements

Your roof is under the sun’s heat and UV rays every day of the year. It deals with snow, rain, hail, and wind through the seasons. When your roof starts to deteriorate those elements can get into your home and compromise the structure.

Keeping Water Away from Your Foundation

Gutters are part of your home’s roof system. They gather the water that comes off the roof and diverts it away from your home’s foundation. If water were allowed to accumulate around the foundation, it would erode the surrounding soil and infiltrate your crawl space or basement.

Proper Ventilation Saves on Energy Costs

Heat builds up under a hot roof. With proper ventilation, a good deal of that heat can escape, keeping the attic cooler. If the attic gets too hot, it can transfer the heat into the living space of the home, driving up the costs of cooling the inside of your home.

Maintenance Prevents Leaks

Regular maintenance and inspections of your roof allow you to locate problems before they turn into interior leaks. A loose shingle, a soft spot in the deck, or a gap in the flashing can allow water to get inside your home, damaging sheetrock and staining the ceiling.

Keeping Your Roof Warranty Active

Most roof warranties require homeowners to get regular inspections and do routine maintenance to keep the guarantees valid. If you cannot show proof that you have done this routine maintenance, you are likely going to have any claims you make turned down.

Summer is a great time to have your home’s roof inspected and to have routine maintenance performed. That way, your home will remain safe from the heat of the summer’s sun and be ready to handle the snows and winds of winter. If your Canton-area home’s roof has what looks like a “small” roof repair, contact the trained professionals of Victors Roofing.

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