Suppose your tub spigot and bathroom sink faucet both leak at a rate of ten drops a minute. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, your home is wasting about 694 gallons of water a year. Knowing that, you would hire a plumber to repair the leaky taps, right? But suppose it is your roof that is allowing a twentieth of that much water into your attic — would you worry then? Before you say, “Let roof repair wait,” that one drop, once a minute, still lets in 34 gallons of water in a year. Do you think your Canto-area home’s ceilings could tolerate that much water? How do you decide if roof repair can wait?

Water Infiltration

A leaky roof is a typical “small roof repair” that has big consequences if ignored. Water getting into your attic will allow mold and mildew to form and spread. Water ruins insulation, gets down inside walls, and saturates ceiling sheet rock.

Where can water get in? Typically, a dislodged shingle is the first spot to look for leaks. Not that a homeowner should be on a roof; roofs, even low-slope roofs, can be dangerously slippery. Assessing water leaks can begin in your Canton-area home’s attic, where a thorough inspection of the underside of the sheathing will reveal dark spots, dampness, or actual dripping water. Other places to look for leaks:

  • Around all roof piercings, like chimneys, sanitary stacks, and vents
  • Where flashing meets vertical surfaces
  • At ridges and in valleys
  • Along the fascia strip behind your home’s gutters

Other “Minor” Roof Repair Issues

Water is not the only way a roof degrades. Pests like flying squirrels shorten your roof’s life. Do not overlook the potential damage from insects, either; casual entrances and exits of carpenter bees into your attic through your home’s eaves may seem like a minor nuisance, but they can do real damage to your home.

Loose flashing is another apparently minor roof repair job that really calls for prompt attention. Flashing exists to bridge the gaps and secure spaces between materials, like masonry on a chimney and asphalt shingles around it. Flashing fills valleys, preventing water, ice and debris from creeping up under shingles.

If your Canton-area home’s roof has what looks like a “small” roof repair, contact the trained professionals of Victors Roofing. We can help prevent a small roof repair from turning into an expensive nightmare.