The word “best” is entirely subjective, which is why it appears in so much advertising. Any business can claim to be “the best” without having to legally prove the claim. So how do you know you are working with a superior local roofing contractor? Consider these six facets when deciding what to expect from a roofing contractor. 

1: The Work

One measurable indicator of a truly great local roofing contractor is visible in the work itself. Just about any roofer can install a new shingle roof; only the best can do so flawlessly, speedily, and accurately every time. 

What special touches does a company like Victors Roofing take to set us apart from others? We carefully shield your home, yards, and landscaping from stray debris before tackling any roof work. We ensure your prize petunias are protected, your roses are respected, and your lawn is litter-free. No stray roofing nails or bits of drip edge anywhere!

2, 3: The Company

Roofing companies come and go. One major test of a high-quality, conscientious local roofing contractor is the company’s longevity. How long has the company been working daily to provide customers with the best service and finest installations? 

Victors Roofing has been working diligently in Southeast Michigan for more than a decade, and we have plans to deliver quality and service to our customers for many years to come. 

Another important feature of a great local roofing contractor is the proper licensing and insurance. Victors Roofing proudly possesses Michigan Contractor License #2104196971, and we carry complete insurance protection for our employees and equipment. 

4, 5, 6: The Community

Our last three metrics of a strong local roofing contractor all revolve around our standing in the community. We strive to be good neighbors. We show this in three crucial ways:

  1. We can provide many testimonials from highly satisfied customers.
  2. We are courteous and responsive to customer questions, whether by telephone, internet, or job site.
  3. We actively work in our community to build a better Michigan; our Give Back Through Victors program provides a free new roof to a local family in need for every 100 roof replacements we perform.

Please contact us today at Victors Roofing in the Southeast Michigan region to learn more about what sets us above the competition. We strive to be the very best local roofing contractor, and we do that through our efficiency, cleanliness, and accessibility.