Your neighbors picked Groovy Gold for their house trim. Is that the best color for you? Probably not; what is “best” depends on your tastes, budget, and goals. So what roof shingles are the best? How do you go about selecting the best shingles?


Your home’s architectural style affects your choice of shingle. A basic ranch home benefits from sleek, low-lying shingles like the economical three-tab shingle. A Victorian design is enhanced by architectural shingles with interesting and varied tab cuts. 

You can work with your local, helpful roofer to select a style of shingle which works well with your home. Try not to rely on photographs to make the decision. Seeing a prospective roofer’s actual installations, with the various styles of shingles on different homes, will help you select the right look for your home’s architecture.  


Shingles offer different profiles (thicknesses above the flat plane of your roof) and tab designs. Architectural and designer shingles offer the most dramatic profiles, often using several layers of fiberglass-asphalt shingle material to produce heightened shadows, deep cuts, and accenting lines. 

Tab designs can match just about any style you want, from Atlas shingles mimicking slate or cedar shakes to durable shingles which can hold up under 130 mile-per-hour winds.  

Architectural and designer shingles are heavier, more dimensional, and generally more attractive than the sleek simplicity of three-tab shingles. If you want to enhance your home, boost curb appeal for potential resale, and make your roof a crowning jewel to your castle, opt for either architectural or designer shingles. 

If you have a contemporary home, your home’s roof is not highly visible (as with a ranch house), or you prefer to apply your funds to other exterior features like new siding or fresh trim, a three-tab shingle will provide the same weather resistance and longevity as other price lines. 

Much of the beauty of a shingle roof is in the care the roofer uses at installation. A basic shingle, well installed by real professional roofers, can provide more value and satisfaction than a much more expensive shingle installed by a storm-chasing roofer of questionable reputation. 


Today’s composition shingles come in a rainbow of colors. If you prefer your home to blend into its surroundings, opt for earthy shades in the brown and green color families. 

Or, you can put a dramatic crown on your home with bright, vibrant colors from the red, white, and blue parts of the color wheel. You can select shingle colors to fit in with your home, provide a welcome highlight, or work with your landscaping. 

Color is extremely personal, and every homeowner must feel comfortable with the color choice in the shingle line selected. Some roofs are meant to stand out, while others are meant to blend harmoniously with the home design, trim color, and exterior siding color. 


The very last consideration about the actual shingles should be their cost. Why? The price difference over the life of your roof between the simplest three-tab shingle and the most dramatic designer shingle is very small.

For the almost insignificant price difference over the life of the shingle, select the highest-quality, longest-lasting shingle you can afford.  A roof is no place to pinch pennies. If you choose wisely, you will be enjoying your shingle roof for at least the next two decades, and probably far longer. 

What are lifetime roof shingles?

Most shingles last two decades, sometimes three decades with proper maintenance. A shingle with a warranty for 50 years is a lifetime shingle. The manufacturer guarantees the shingle against manufacturing defects not for a 10-year pro-rated period, not even for 15 years, but for a full 50 years.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the average American homeowner occupies one home for only 13 years. The new homeowners generally inherit the same warranty. You could have three different homeowners each enjoying the benefits of the “lifetime” shingle and still have 11 years left on the warranty!

Consider lifetime shingles if you truly plan to stay in your home for several more decades, or pass the home on to other family members. You may want to consider them, too, if you are making the roof a selling point. 

No one shingle is “best” for every home. You have the final say. You will enjoy your new roof best when you work with your roofer on this important decision. 

To learn more about the best shingles for your home, please contact us at Victors Roofing. We will work with you to select the ideal shingle for your Michigan home. We have strong ties to several manufacturers, so we can offer you unbiased advice on durability, cost, color, and tab design. Our experience and expertise will enhance any shingle you select to grace your home.