Most Michigan homeowners will not need the full panoply of services a residential roofer can provide. Perhaps an annual inspection, spot repair and new gutters may be all you ever ask of a residential roofing contractor. Yet just as you want to find the best roofer, you have a role to play, too, to be the best customer. Why? Because it is in your best interest.

Good Customers Get Great Service

All professional contractors strive to do good work for their customers. That is the very definition of professionalism; delivering a consistently good product or service over and over. Yet some customers can get exceptionally good service simply by being exceptionally good customers, and this is as true in roofing as it is in other professions.

Be Reasonable

You can enjoy a good relationship with your residential roofing contractor if you are reasonable and realistic in your expectations. Unless you happen to be a roofer also, do not presume to know a contractor’s process, materials, training or schedule.

Give Them Room

Roofers know what they are doing. You have no need to hover, and your presence can be a safety hazard to you and the roofing crew. Feel free to ask questions, yes, of the site manager, but leave the crew members to do their work.


The old saying, “Some people listen not to understand, but just to reply,” works across all relationships. When you take the time to not only express your concerns but to listen to your roofer, then you are clearly communicating.
Roofers encounter all sorts of issues most homeowners are unaware of, but getting a homeowner to understand the seriousness of an issue is a major challenge. Most homeowners are cautious, guarded or suspicious. Yet a roofer who finds missing flashing around a chimney is not trying to rip you off — she or he is just trying to prevent a leak.
Communication is really four parts: you need to talk and be heard, and so does your roofer. Victors Roofing strives every workday to be the best roofer you could hope for, and we hope to be your roofer. Contact us today to learn what we do to provide the best service and best product.

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