No one wants to be miserably cold all winter long. Sometimes, it feels like that’s what winter is all about. However, when you are home, you should be comfortable. It’s as simple as that. There are plenty of ways you can go about increasing your comfort in your home, but one of the most important (and often overlooked) ways is through attic insulation.

Poor Insulation = Heat Leaking 

While you might be able to feel a cold draft coming through your window, you’ll never notice heat leaking out the attic. That’s exactly what could be happening if you don’t have enough insulation in there. You will be using more energy than you need to keep up with a leak and you’ll never know it. The best way to combat a leak like that is to first, figure out you have one and second, fill it with further insulation.

Roof Leaks Damage Insulation

If you have damage on your roof, it can lead to leaks through to your home and into the insulation. Snow and ice have to melt eventually and usually, the winter temperatures fluctuate enough to cause melting on and off throughout the season. If any of that water leaks through to the insulation it could cause serious damage. Again, it isn’t something you’re likely to see inside. Instead, it will grow and fester mold in the insulation and stomp the insulation down further, allowing more air to leak in and out.

Avoiding Winter Damage

Of course, you don’t want any of those things to happen to your home during the winter. All you really want is a warm, comfortable house you can rely on. After you shovel the driveway yet again, you expect to be able to go back into your house and warm up. When your attic has issues, it may not feel like you can do warm up the way you should. What do you do?

First, it’s important to stay on top of insulation issues. You can’t always see them so you’ll need to have an inspection or perhaps an energy assessment. It’s nice to get these done before the winter starts so you can address the problem before it gets too cold. But if you notice your energy bills are rising beyond your expectations, you can certainly address the issue in the winter as well. It’s better to notice and fix it than to let it go too long.

Three things will need to happen before you have new, efficient attic insulation.

1. The Assessment

When you have a professional come into your house, they will measure the thickness of your insulation. If your home is older, it’s possible the codes were far different back then as opposed to now. You may not have enough insulation to meet current building standards. Even if you technically have enough insulation, you might want to consider adding more to further your energy efficiency and comfort levels.

The professional will also check to ensure your attic is properly vented and sealed so you don’t have to worry about leaks occurring either in or out of the attic. Once they have checked everything over, they will give you an estimated cost for adding additional insulation to the attic, depending on what type you have and what you’d like to add. They will also let you know what kind of return you can expect since you will likely save energy and money on your bills due to the upgrade.

2. Preparing Your Budget

There are a number of things any house is going to need over the years and updated or added insulation is one such item. You may even need to replace old, damaged insulation at some point. Rather than let it come as a surprise, prepare your budget with padding so when these things come up you are able to pay for them with peace of mind.

3. Hiring Professionals

Any time you have anyone come into your home, you want to know they are professionals who know what they are doing and will give you quality work at a fair price. When it comes to insulation, you can’t do any better than the professionals at Victors Roofing.

We have capable employees who will give you our best each and every time. Our proven track record shows we know insulation and our reliable service is verified with confidence. We’ll be able to take a look at your attic and recommend exactly what you should do. Of course, you are the homeowner so you get to make the final decisions. But we’ll only recommend what we would do if the home were our own. You can trust our services and advice because we want what’s best for you!

Contact Victors Roofing today with any insulation questions. We are here to help you save money and stay warm.

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