The insulation in your attic plays an important role in keeping your roof in good condition.

It helps lower the risk of damage to your home which can occur if your roof has leaks, cracks, or other problems. Here are three ways attic insulation benefits the roof of your Canton home.

1. Prevents Structural Issues

Your roof rafters need to remain in good shape with no cracks or other issues. When problems occur with your rafters it can cause structural issues in your home. Having the right amount of attic insulation can help prevent cracks from forming in your roof rafters. When you don’t have enough insulation in this part of your home, wooden rafters are more susceptible to expanding and contracting with temperature changes, which increases the risk of having them crack. A well-insulated attic helps shield the rafters from drastic temperature changes.

2. Reduces the Risk of Leaks

Your roof keeps your home safe from water damage when it rains or snows. However, problems with your roof can allow leaks to form. This can put your home at risk of developing serious problems such as mold and wood rot. Even minor leaks can cause severe problems if they occur over a long period of time. Having proper attic insulation provides an extra layer of protection from leaks and water damage. If your attic doesn’t have adequate insulation and your roof ends up with gaps or cracks, your home faces a much higher risk of having water seep into the interior, where it can cause a significant amount of damage.

3. Protects Roof Shingles

Roof shingles are designed for durability, but they become worn out over time. Temperature changes throughout the year can cause roof shingles to become warmer at times and freeze at other times which could lead to cracks or brittleness. Damaged roof shingles leave your Canto home vulnerable to damage from the elements. Having an attic with plenty of insulation helps protect roof shingles from the effects of temperature changes. The right attic insulation makes it easier for shingles to maintain a more even temperature throughout the year, resulting in a lower risk of becoming worn out or cracked.

If you need attic insulation installed in your home, please contact Victors Roofing to set up service. We offer dependable insulation and roofing services for homeowners in the Canton area.

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