Michigan is beautiful. Michigan is cold. Michigan is hot. As a Michigan homeowner, you love the beauty and delightful variations of our state’s four seasons, but you are not a fan of energy bills. Attic insulation helps lower your carbon footprint, stave off expensive energy bills, and keep your home safe year-round.

Keep Michigan Beautiful

Is attic insulation important to preserving Michigan’s beauty? Your home uses energy a lot of energy in a typical Michigan winter to keep everyone warm, and even more energy in summer to keep you cool. Attic insulation helps regulate interior temperatures all year. You use less energy, whether for air circulation, heating, or cooling. 

When we all use less energy, we help lower carbon dioxide emissions, improve water and air quality, and decrease dependence on fossil fuels. That keeps Michigan beautiful. Attic insulation is a one-time investment in everybody’s future. 

Keep Costs Down

Is attic insulation important for your budget? With the bare minimum insulation R49 in the attic (as the federal Energy Star guidelines suggest), you can save some money. But let insulation professionals insulate to R60 with blown-in attic insulation and you will see lower energy bills almost immediately. Attic insulation traps warm air in your home during winter and cool air inside during summer. 

Your heating and cooling equipment run less often, saving wear and tear on your HVAC system. Not only will you need fewer repairs, but you can also extend the life of your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or central air conditioner.

With blown-in attic insulation, you use less electricity, fuel oil, or natural gas, lowering fuel costs. 

Keep Your Home Safe

Is attic insulation important to keeping your home safe? With attic insulation separating exterior temperatures from interior temperatures, your home is safe. Ice dams on Michigan roofs are caused by cycles of heating and cooling, often from escaping warm air coming up through the attic. Ice dams:

  • Damage roofs
  • Break gutters
  • Cause roof leaks 

Attic insulation helps prevent ice dams by keeping your attic air at the same temperature as exterior air, avoiding temperature fluctuations. Blown-in attic insulation keeps your home safe from cold spots since it reaches every nook and cranny in your attic space. This prevents cold downdrafts in corners of rooms and around chimneys. 

Keep your bills down, your environmental record spotless, and your home safe by contacting Victors Roofing today to arrange for blown-in attic insulation.