Replacing your roof is a big investment, and choosing the right shingles can be a daunting task. With so many choices available, it’s easy to get caught up comparing profiles and colors. A more important quality is how a shingle performs in our Southwest Michigan climate. If your new shingles aren’t built to last, you won’t get to enjoy an attractive aesthetic for very long.

Opt for High Style and Protection With StormMaster Shingles

Here at Victors Roofing, we believe your roof should look stunning and provide long-lasting protection too. That’s why we highly recommend Atlas StormMaster shingles. We believe they’re hands-down the best shingle for protecting a home from Michigan’s weather extremes.

Learning about StormMaster’s stand-out qualities will tell you why we’re so impressed.

Superior Durability and Flexibility

Atlas’ StormMaster® are designed to endure Mother Nature’s worst weather. These modified asphalt shingles are made with styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), a rubberized polymer. During the manufacturing process, SBS bonds with the other raw materials to form an incredibly tough but elastic network.

  • The inclusion of SBS gives the shingles the flexibility to endure our seasonal temperature changes. They’re able to withstand repeated expansion and contraction cycles, so they don’t crack, split, warp or shrink.
  • Because of their construction, StormMaster shingles flex upon impact to resist damage. They have the highest impact rating available — UL 2218  Class 4. Their outstanding impact resistance also means there’s less likelihood of deeper roof damage and water leaks.
  • StormMaster’s rubberized polymer forms a stronger bond with the granules applied on top. This guarantees better granule retention, so the shingles stay protected from damaging UV rays and last longer.

Exceptional Wind Resistance

Atlas includes their HP technology in StormMaster shingles, along with its exceptional 130 MPH high-wind warranty. HP technology focuses on features to enhance a roof’s ability to withstand high winds:

  • Larger shingle size for more stable coverage
  • Double-layer FASTAC® adhesive strips for a secure, long-lasting bond
  • Larger “sweet spot” nailing areas so both layers get securely fastened

Scotchgard™ Protection for Lasting Beauty

StormMaster shingles have 3M’s Scotchgard™ Protector built in to prevent unsightly algae stains and streaks. About 10 percent of each shingle’s surface granules are copper-fortified, which allows algae spores to get rinsed away naturally every time it rains.

If you want to maximize the protection your home has from our Michigan weather, contact us at Victors Roofing today for a free StormMaster shingle estimate.