Federal law allows just about everyone signing a contract to cancel it within 72 hours of signing. This “cooling off” period is also called the “right of rescission.” Wouldn’t life be better, though, if you could do all your second-guessing first? Here’s what to ask a roofer before signing a contract. 

Who Are You?

We don’t mean that song by The Who. We want to know all about the people who will be protecting your house for decades to come.

A roof, after all, is the ultimate protection for everything else you own: vehicles, furniture, appliances, toys, sentimental items, and so on. The company repairing or replacing your Canton-area home’s roof needs to be reliable. Ask these questions:

  1. Are you local to me?
  2. How long have you been in business?
  3. Do you hold all proper state licenses, workers compensation insurance, liability insurance, and manufacturers’ certifications? 

A local Michigan roofer is a reliable roofer, someone you can contact quickly for callbacks or for further work in the future. A roofer in business for many years has built a solid reputation and is committed to customer service.

A roofing contractor with all the right insurance coverage, licensing, and certifications is an organized, conscientious roofer. You want to work with someone who abides by the law and keeps current on all manufacturers’ certifications. 

Who Are Those Guys?

Not that line from the movie, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” We mean the actual crew who will wield hammers and cut underlayment. Who are they, exactly? Some less reputable roofers hire day laborers from the parking lots of big-box home improvement stores. You and your home deserve better! Ask about the crew:

  1. Who will be installing or repairing my roof? 
  2. Are they your employees or are they subcontractors?
  3. What training and experience do they have?
  4. Have they received factory training from the manufacturer of the roofing materials?

Most roofing work takes only a matter of days. In that time, you are not likely to become best friends with the crew, but you definitely want to feel comfortable with the men and women working on and around your house. 

Training and crew communication are keys to fast, accurate installation and repair. A properly trained crew will know exactly how to install a manufacturer’s materials:

  • Underlayment
  • Water and ice shield
  • Flashing
  • Drip edge
  • Shingles 

Correct installation is vital to ensure any warranty remains in force. Good communication among the installers keeps the job moving, prevents expensive errors, and guarantees a clean, flawless installation. 

Is It Safe?

Sorry, not that icky scene from the flick “Marathon Man.” We’re referring to your roofing contractor’s safety guidelines. Ask these questions:

  1. What steps do you take to ensure your workers’ safety?
  2. What steps will you take to ensure my family’s safety, including property, landscaping, and pets?
  3. How will you remove and dispose of the old roof and debris safely?

Expect confident answers involving personal protective equipment (PPE), tarps to protect shrubs, flowers, and landscaping, and a project manager on site.

Check to ensure the use of magnetic brooms to pick up nails and staples. Listen for a clear plan to cart away the old roof and leave your home, family members, pets, and property safe and happy. 

Papers, Please

Again, sorry, not the video game; we’re talking documentation. Your roofer has papers you need to see. You have papers you should sign. You also have one really, really important document to get. Here’s what to ask:

  1. Do you provide a written estimate upfront, including a Scope of Work?
  2. Do you offer a Workmanship Warranty, one that covers your crew’s installation work?
  3. How will I receive the manufacturer’s warranty? 
  4. Is a building permit necessary for the work you plan to do to my house? If it is, will you handle that? 

Most homeowners pay for a single replacement roof in the time they own their homes. On the other hand, roofers deal with roofs, estimates, paperwork, permits, and warranties every day. You must be able to trust your roofer to provide the correct paperwork promptly at the appropriate time.

Perhaps the two most important papers are the warranties. A really strong, local roofer will back the crew’s work with a Workmanship Warranty. Every major manufacturer also provides a warranty for the installed materials. 

A good practice is to get up to three competitive bids on significant roof repair work or new roof installations. If you want to save yourself a lot of time, start your search for a roofer with a call to Victors Roofing. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and thorough service, including Roof Maxx application, gutters, and insulation. 

Contact us online today and ask all the questions you want. You will always be happy with the answers — and roofing work — you get from Victors Roofing.