Michigan is known for being a rainy state and receives, on average, 30 inches of rain a year. April wields much of that rain and while it does wonders for the May flowers, it can do just as many bad things to homes with poor roof and gutter systems.

Gutter System Purpose

The gutter system on a home diverts the rain from the roof and away from the foundation. If the gutter system isn’t working properly, the rain can collect on the roof and damage the shingles, causing leaks, water damage and other issues. It can also lead the water right to the foundation, which causes even more problems.

There may come a time when any homeowner will need to get a new roof. If you purchase the roof from Victors Roofing during May of 2018, you automatically get a free seamless gutter system at the same time. If your gutters aren’t doing their job and you know your roof isn’t in good shape either, you’re able to take care of two huge projects for the price of the roof.

How April Showers Bring Free Gutters

When you install a new roof this spring, you can also get 300 feet of 5-inch seamless gutter item, complete with downspouts. The new roof will work together with the seamless gutter system to give your house superior protection. Not only that, but you’ll have a brand new look and aesthetic appeal to your home that will shine from the curb.

A seamless gutter system is great for appearance, but the lack of seams goes even further when it comes to protecting your home. Since there are no seams, you don’t have to worry about water leaking down to the foundation from screw holes that were placed during installation. The water is directed away from the home, where it belongs.

A seamless gutter system is also stronger and lasts longer than standard gutters.

If you’re ready for a new roof as it is, take advantage of this opportunity and get a seamless gutter system for free at the same time. Contact Victors Roofing the next opportunity you get and get scheduled for an estimate to get started on the project. You’ll love your new roof as well as your seamless gutter system and your house will love the added protection it received as well!