The longest object you can mail, according to the U.S. Postal Service, is 130 inches in combined length and girth. This means you could, in theory, mail someone a 5-inch gutter that was just over eight feet long. So how do seamless gutters end up on your home? 

Any Length

Professional gutter installers do not buy ready-made gutters through the mail. They build them on-site! With the proper equipment, a giant coil of metal in the color you select, and a lot of training, gutter installation technicians roll out seamless 5-inch or 6-inch gutters at customers’ homes. 

This means you can have a beautiful, straight-lined gutter running the full length of your home’s facade, with downspouts every 25 to 30 feet. No seams. No hideous gutter spikes. Nearly invisible brackets, firmly attached to your home’s fascia board with screws, keep the new gutters perfectly aligned and pitched (angled) just right for drainage. 

How Long?

With seamless gutters, installation is fast, sure, and flawless. In most cases, a one-story home can be done in an afternoon. More stories, or more complicated roofing profiles, may take slightly more than a day. Seamless gutters take less time than pieced gutters, operate more efficiently, and are less prone to clog than gutters with seams and joints every few feet. 

Fresh Start

New, seamless gutters replace your old gutters. Every part is new, strong, and built to last. Nothing from your existing gutter system remains. In most cases, the old gutters and all their parts are recycled, reducing landfill use. 

Why start fresh? New gutters, with brackets instead of spikes, with seamless gutters instead of patched and seamed gutters, will last far longer than a hodgepodge of pieces old and new. They will look great, perform beautifully, and preserve your home’s value. 

Customize Me!

Color is a highly personal choice. Consider a box of crayons — are eight colors enough? Most kids want many color choices for their masterpieces. You, the homeowner, deserve no less!

How about 72 gutter colors to select from? At Victors Roofing, we also have additional custom colors available if you desire. We can help you select a color for your new seamless gutters that highlights your home, complements the siding color, or blends in with the roof color. 

Seamless gutters are not meant for home handymen to install. Rely on Victors Roofing for professional seamless gutter installation. Contact us today!