Before your roof enjoys a revitalizing spray of Roof Maxx, you should understand what the product can and cannot do. How will you know it worked? What will you see? 

The Time is Right

When should you consider Roof Maxx for your home? Not too soon, not too late. A roof that is only five years or younger is still a new roof. It has not lost enough volatile chemicals in the fiberglass-asphalt shingles to require rejuvenation.

Then, too, a roof that is two decades old may already be past the time when Roof Maxx will truly help. We could apply it, but it would save you very little money. 

The Goldilocks time for Roof Maxx is on a roof between six and 20 years old when the shingles still have enough granules to maintain water resistance. You can eke out from 5 more years of useful life with one spray application of Roof Maxx, giving you time to save and plan for a roof replacement. 

Out with the Old

A tired and dried out roof is a good candidate for this soybean oil-based application. Roof Maxx is not a miracle cure. Its oil base soaks into the fiberglass-asphalt matrix of your shingles and restores flexibility, resilience, and your roof’s ability to handle weather changes smoothly. 

Your roof must have an adequate structural condition to let Roof Maxx do its job on the shingles. If your roof has flaws in the roof deck, sheathing, or underlayment, Roof Maxx cannot cure them. You need experienced roofers to fix the underlying issues, seal gaps and major holes, and then apply Roof Maxx. 

Safely look at your roof from the ground. Is it looking faded, worn, aged, weathered, and tired? One application of Roof Maxx will help! 

In With the New

One application of Roof Maxx goes to work immediately, soaking into the asphalt felt lying under the granules that provide color to your roof.

It adds another five years to your roof’s expected life span. It can be reapplied up to three times, possibly adding as much as 15 years to your home’s shingle roof!

What will you see the same day our expert technicians apply Roof Maxx? Your roof will look new again! Roof Maxx is that good. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Victors Roofing today to learn more about Roof Maxx for your home.