There’s no doubt about it, Michigan winters are epic for their bone-shivering cold, massive snowfall amounts, and relentless duration. In the “Mitten” we know what we’re in for in the coming months. It’s important to prep your Michigan home for what lies ahead.  These warmer fall days are ideal for those jobs you may have been putting off, such as gutter cleaning, weather stripping your doors, and, most importantly, roof repair.  

1. Windows and Doors

Inspect the weather stripping along your door and replace if necessary. This increases the insulating ability of your entryways. Replace screen doors and windows with storm doors and windows.  Caulk any cracks or gaps to prevent loss of heat.

2. Landscaping

Trim overgrown branches that may come down in an ice storm or heavy snow.   Clean, dry, cover, or store your patio furniture.  Store fragile clay pots.  Drain and store hoses, and cover spigots and any exposed water pipes along exterior or crawl space.

3. Gutters

Clogged gutters cause overflow, leading to roof damage, winter ice dams, and in severe cases, a roof leak.  Maintenance and regular cleaning ensures proper drainage and protection for your roof.

4. Roof Inspection

Schedule a roof inspection to correct any issues before the snow and ice hit.  Your roof protects your home from costly water damage, and, properly insulated, keeps you warm. Many roof problems can be prevented by a simple roof inspection and prompt repairs.

5. Roof Repair

Make any repairs to your roof now. Putting off repairs won’t make them go away and could end up causing bigger, more costly repairs, or even a roof replacement.

6. Siding

Check your siding for loose or damaged planks.  Contact Victors Roofing to replace or repair your siding.

7. Chimney Maintenance

A clean, well-maintained chimney prevents dangerous chimney fires.

8. Insulation

Insulation can become worn over time and installing additional insulation, or replacing old insulation, can save you plenty.  Maybe even enough for a quick trip to Florida when Michigan’s winter becomes too much to bear!

Local, Professional Help

For roof repair and inspection, gutter replacement, attic insulation, siding, and much more, trust Victors Roofing.  We’re not just Southeast Michigan’s superior roofing and home exterior experts, we’re your neighbors.  We understand how rough our winters can be and we’ll make sure you and your family stay warm, dry and comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature sends our way.

Contact Victors Roofing today.